DOJO x egon Zender

A look inside Egon Zender's office.

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Matthew Lewsadder
CEO of Brighttail Sdn Bhd

When I say "DOJO", it invokes a sense of family, community, and environment where both person and work flourishes. It is the centre where multiple companies, various individuals, and wanderlust expats can come together to share ideas and bridge diversity. Despite their tremendous growth, DOJO continues to be a place where the staff remember you and greet you by name. Co-working space? DOJO is beyond that. Their mission is to create your new work environment signature to you. You bring your people. DOJO brings heart-beat and culture. Step aside co-work and meet the new epicentre of co-group and co-growth.

Regional Business Development Director of JB  Hired Sdn Bhd

During our operation move to Malaysia, we needed a place where we have the flexibility to grow our team, a good location with great access to public transport and one that's cost-efficient at the same time. It was definitely difficult to find a spot that caters all our requirements until we found DOJO.

Not only have they matched our requirements, but their services and facilities are top-notch. For those of you who're looking for office spaces, I highly recommend you to give DOJO a try. I have nothing but praise for this place.

Boyan's Headshot.png
General Manager of Commerce Asia Sdn Bhd

As Enterprise is under the Commerce.Asia group which are an ecosystem of eCommerce enablers, we are in the constant need of sharing ideas and comparing learnings across the board. Because of this, our team needs an office space that enhances communication and collaboration. With DOJO's help, our working space was designed in a way to accommodate our open office concept and fast-paced working style. As it is known that we humans usually spend more time in the office than at home these days, DOJO has managed to balance comfort with a modern appeal which makes coming to work refreshing for me and my team.

I am a firm believer of how important a working environment affects results. Being a tech and startup company, we need to be engaged and focused, always. Our team has now increased their communication and productivity tremendously. If you're looking for an office space that you can customise the layout to your business objectives, DOJO is definitely the answer!