Our Story


Our name originates from daoism, “DO” in Japanese or “DAO” in Chinese. Intrigued by bringing back ancient daoist values in the modern world, DOJO seeks to understand how we can wield interior architecture as a tool to create the environment that allows people to slip into a flow state, also known as “wu wei” in daoism. Our fundamental belief is that the flow state is where we find the best versions of ourselves. Hence unlocking human potential to produce the highest quality of work.

Coworking Space Origins

What sets us apart is our origins in the coworking space industry. We experience, first hand, the long term effects of interior architecture - which design features we appreciate more over time, and which design features quickly lose novelty value and start becoming annoying. As most interior architecture firms are overly focused on aesthetics, DOJO seeks to find the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

As coworking space operators, we have a deep understanding of the return on investment our clients seek for office renovations. Whether it is enhancing productivity, talent acquisition, or collaboration, deploying capital expenditure in office space renovations should result in increasing the bottom line.